Please reading the following terms and conditions of service, before considering the use of our website (site). Access and use of, implies full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of services set by BESTDOMAINS.
The BESTDOMAINS may at any time modify these conditions of use and use of this site indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions as amended. Failure to comply with any term hereof, expressly prohibited the use of the website

The Company under the trade name BESTDOMAINS and name "IOANNIDIS D. GEORGE", is the owner of the above web and hereinafter referred to as the Company. Users or visitors of our corporate websites are referred to as "Customer", regardless of whether they make a service or product orders from our company.

General Terms and Conditions with BESTDOMAINS.
Affirmation and explicit consent of the User.
By registering on this website and submitting any orders for services, you acknowledge and agree to honor according to Law 1599/86 that:

- The information you provide is true and accurate.
- Do not violate the rights of third your knowledge.
- Binding to the legal person (only if NP).
- Do you have the necessary legal status (eg OTA for .GR domains in geographical terms, Government Agency etc.).

Expressly bound to this that you have read and accepted the content of the use conditions of the website Furthermore bound as:
a) comply with the rules of the Greek and International Law and especially with the provisions of the telecommunications legislation and
b) refrain from any illegal or contrary to morality, use of the website

Rights and obligations of members of the Company's website.
The website reserves the right to cancel the membership in case of any kind of conditions present violations. The completion of key data on the registration form (registration form) is essential for the acceptance of a member / customer.
For all services offered by BESTDOMAINS through on this website members undertake to respect all international and Greek law and compliance with the rules of politeness, discretion and respectful behavior. The network traffic of the website recorded and analyzed in order to improve the service and more comprehensive market information with cookies.

The Parties agree and accepted the following:
Contracted Using Internet Hosting Services.
She agrees and certify that the material "push" in the Company's servers are ready for operation and is no extra processing required by the Company to operate, otherwise it may use the Company's services (or third party developer) for the construction, maintenance, management, renovation and advertising of the web site in the space has been allocated, chargeable with the appropriate additional cost, which is charged separately and on request / agreement.
The Company notifies the customer how they can access the Control Panel (Control Panel) the services rendered, as well as how to publish the files on the Internet, the installation of its accounts email, as for need the manual design of the virtual server to use and the Control Panel.
If the customer does not assign other additional programming work on the server to the Company, the Customer agrees that it has the necessary knowledge to build / publish on the Internet the website and that the Company is not responsible to impart this knowledge to Customer or to educate. The Company could good wishes and exceptional (if it has the possibility / wishes) to provide support and advice on issues related to these issues.
The Company has no control over the content of the information passing through the network of servers, it does not guarantee the presentations of any kind occurring within the network through or because of its services. Moreover no guaranteed commercial or personal solvency of any presented in the network or to fulfill any specific promises / offers from third parties and is not responsible for any damages may occur to the client or those transactions are done with him, including loss of data, on 'cause delays, non-delivery of goods or service interruption for any reason or error or omission. H keeping backups of each file (web pages, files, e-mails etc.) are the sole responsibility of the Customer only.

The Company upgrades regularly installed applications on the servers in order to maintain security levels at the highest possible level and to provide the latest versions of Plesk Control Panel, php, mysql,, perl, zend, ioncube etc.
It is the sole obligation and the customer's responsibility to inform accordingly the code pages of (the code php, mysql queries, asp etc websites maintained in the space offered by the Company) so as to be compatible with the servers of the company.
It is also the sole obligation and the customer's responsibility to take timely own backup of the web before any maintenance, upgrade, equipment change effected by the Company and to make good operating control over the sites after any maintenance, upgrade, change equipment effected by the Company.
The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage and moral damage resulting from these upgrades and the inability or unwillingness of customers to customize the web pages of the upgraded versions of the H / PC different applications and programming languages ​​that are installed on the servers of company. Before any planned upgrades of our services, maintenance or removal server, send notices to our customers and are the sole responsibility and obligation of the customer to keep a copy of safety of the H / PC file before the Company's operations and to check the proper functioning the site and the e-mail after the completion of maintenance work.
The company creates daily (in shared / reseller hosting) or weekly (VPS / Dedicated) backups of client files and keeping them up to 15 days. In no case, however, the client should not rely, depend and to require the Company to recently reset or older security copies of files. The customer can create a backup of (website files, databases, files, e-mails) through CPANEL Plesk control panel and can be downloaded to the / Y for each use. Backups created by the customer will be automatically deleted from the server every 7 days, for reasons of maintaining the disk usage low.
For this reason, the client should be downloaded and stored on the H / Y.

The Company SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR OBLIGATION FOR COMPENSATION for any loss, damage and moral damage resulting from failure to provide services, providing file backup or Technical Support. The Customer undertakes to accept that this will not raise claims of any kind other than those provided (recovery data backup and information -allios "back up" - stored in the space sublets -ef as they are available;, technical support, and every effort by the Company for immediate restoration of any malfunctions occur for whatever reason).

Performance IP per service
For performance dedicated IP beyond those included in each packet, IP Justification required (ie technical report on the use and the need of having dedicated IP address). The IP Justification must be conformant with under the regulations and conditions that are established by RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens). We reserve the right to refuse a request for dedicated IP if the justification is inadequate or under the current use of IP available.

About Hosting provided by BESTDOMAINS
The following paragraphs are intended to clarify what is and is not, and to prevent those minimum think of abusing the services of unlimited hosting and upload free porn affiliate sites or forums to share anime video or host pirated copies of movies and music works! Such accounts will be deleted immediately without refund and details of the persons responsible will be notified to the competent authorities prosecute cybercrime.
H Our promise to our customers is that we will always do our best to keep the websites and their email functions and AVAILABLE.
The BESTDOMAINS reserves the right of termination of any service and / or supply, conversion time of the offer and / or the conversion of the relevant terms and conditions of this policy, without prior notice.

Terms of Use Shared Hosting
What does "Unlimited", "Unlimited", "Unmetered";
In terms Unlimited, Unmetered Unlimited Iosting and is meant to provide hospitality to shared server sites with SOME REQUIREMENTS (2-3Gb space, 20Gb drive, 3-5 email, 1-2 mysql) to work seamlessly without the usual low limits ( eg 300Mb space, 10GB drive, 1 email, etc.).

What sites do not cover Unmetered hosting;
The shared hosting is not meant for hosting:
sites with more than 5-10 concurrent e-mail users log / sheets and web applications
sites that exceed or have the potential to overcome 10-15GB disk space of a popular website (eg a portal, e-shop, blog or forum, streaming site) with tens or hundreds of simultaneous visitors and active users
sites with demanding web applications in php and mysql, many multimedia audio or video files for video, radio streaming, etc.

Such sites have much greater needs than the average of the websites which can cover our shared hosting and need their own insulated hospitality, ie. VPS or dedicated server. There they will have the right -as unique users of server- to utilize all the resources of a whole.

PPROHIBITED in Shared & Reseller hosting
Forbidden and entail the immediate deletion of files / email:
- archiving (backup) files of current or older version of the site (eg or / oldsite etc.). These will be automatically deleted without further notice. The permitted use of hosting space is handling traffic and not the storage of web copy.
- the use of space disabled (suspended, disabled) websites for over 15 days. The files are automatically deleted with or without notice. Only active and productive websites.
- the use of space for development (code development, testing) sites for the same or other domains or subdomains. The use of the service is reserved exclusively for sites in production (production sites).
- stored in the email server 30 days earlier. The permitted use of space is the handling of daily correspondence and not storage / archiving.
- The hosting sites that serve purposes upload (upload), sharing / distribution (file sharing / distribution), storage / backup (archive / backup, eg Owncloud, Nextcloud, pCloud, Cozy, SyncThing, Pydio, SeaFile etc.) or mirroring (mirroring ) files.
- Hospitality multimedia files (video, mp3, pictures, pdf) that is not used from the same domain or exceeding 100 MB, will be deleted immediately and without further notice.
- The use of resources (disk space, MySQL etc.) of hosting (free or paid) in domains that are not hosted on the same server ston BESTDOMAINS or hosted at another provider.
- Sending any kind of newsletter (mass mailing of promotional / advertising email). only the handling of daily mail is allowed. To send newsletters proposed a subscription Bronze VPS or service configured especially for this purpose (eg Mailchimp, ActiveTrail, Sendinblue etc.).
- File hosting without usage rights, acquisition or distribution of copyrighted material of third parties.
- The hosting sites where the primary purpose to drive traffic to another site.
- The resourcing of hosting (space / traffic), free or paid public.
- Reselling shared web hosting packages to end customers. For this use we provide specially adapted RESELLER hosting packages and VPS hosting.

Limits per domain to CPU / RAM
Permitted use RAM by PHP per domain: 128MB *.
max_execution_time of PHP: 60 "*
Total allowable RAM per domain: 384MV
Maximum simultaneously Proccess per domain: 15
Up to 50% using a core of the CPU: for 20 consecutive seconds **

* With changeable within reasonable limits.
** Can and not disable a site that transcends this or any other limit, if not a problem on the server and delay the other sites. The decision depends on the discretion of the Company.

Accept the Terms of Use.
These terms of use of the website drafted by all the legal rules of the Greek territory, governed by Greek law, the force in this legislation of the European Union and the International Treaties and construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and social and economic purpose of the right.
Should that term or provision of these terms of use may be deemed to be invalid or voidable, such invalidity or cancellation will not affect the validity of other conditions, the parties will pay in the above principles every effort to replace the void or cancellation provisions or conditions with others that are as close as possible to that of the void or voidable conditions or forecasts.

Since the use of web presentation assumed that you agree to all terms found on this site and the reading of this text is required prior to use of our services and making any services or ordering products and additionally the assent you as well as full and unconditional acceptance of the listed conditions, expressed, certified and declared responsible by the use of the presentation and / or pressing the mouse on the link "Please read our terms and conditions before submitting your order." and any other link can lead to a service order or use of Company websites, and is considered as your signature in this keimeno.

Each electronic service request is sent to BESTDOMAINS the Internet, if and only if the Client has previously unconditionally accepted the above terms of agreement, as further proof that the Customer has received full knowledge of the terms and unreservedly agreed with them.
You agree that any dispute arising from the use of this presentation, application will have laws of Greek state and the competent court for solving these are the Courts of Athens. The Company has the right to amend without notice the Terms of Use Agreement Provision of Services and is the Customer's responsibility to arrange to be informed by this website.

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