We've launched and offer to all hosting plans our Social Auto Publish. Give it a try!
Our new Joomla Extension lets you keep right to post from Joomla to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,... effortlessly

Social Auto Publish Joomla Extension to post from Joomla to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,... effortlessly

Extension The best Joomla Extension to post Joomla content/articles to social networks.
This Joomla Auto Social Poster able to post not only from Joomla content/articles, but from K2, VirtueMart, DocMan, FLEXIcontent, ZOO, JEvents, Kunena, ... to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group and more.

Joomla Social Submit - is all you need to publish your Joomla contents (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, Eventlist, ... it's extend-able) to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, ... it's extend-able too).

Social Media Marketing is now easier with this automated Joomla extension. This setup & forget extension offers you fully control of:

What to publish! from Joomla Content Articles or popular 3rdparty Joomla Extensions such as: K2, ZOO, SobiPro, DigiStore, VirtueMart, JEvents

Where to publish! includes almost popular social networks, such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

How to publish! define-able Message templates with number of placeholders will satisfy every needs.

When to publish! Smart scheduler handles old posts as well as future posts.
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 Thursday, May 21, 2015

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