We are looking for partners all over the world to establish business cooperation Wholesale our services.

We are seeking to appoint qualified person(s) in Marketing for promotion our services to the Maritime clients in Greece and Worldwide.


Services: - Marketing & promotion in Maritime – (SEO, PPC, Banner Marketing, Affiliate Marketing) Website Design and Development, Web Hosting, Domains Registration, Marketing tools, Application Development, Creations and Marketing Solutions.

The successful candidate partner will ideally have experience in the following areas;

. Responsible to invite new clients for promoting through our websites to use our services.
. Public Relations and Communication Strategy with new clients at your country and worldwide
. Prepared company presentation, publicity brochures and press releases, newsletters.
. Managed, coordinated and oversaw clients' publicity through blogs and daily press.
. Effectively manage Web Marketing and Social Media Campaigns Facebook, Twitter, Google Adsense etc.
. Market Evaluation and design new proposals for promotion our services to existing and new clients.

NOTE: Any previous experience to this specific field of Maritime will be very positive.

What do we offer to our partners?

1. We are the sellers, we have the warranty and the service-hotline for our products

2. The partners get a commission, if sales a product from us.

3. We pay to the partners a margin of 20%, for each sale on our basic prices.

4. Date of settlement: We payout when your account is above 100 Euro.

5. Each partner, through his own administrator panel has the ability to monitor and process all her customers orders through his own panel.

Resellers Features administrator panel offers:

- Personal email under our company's domain i.e yourname<@>infomarine.gr 
- Reseller's Branding Area (CNAME, Template, Logo)
- Set Up Contacts As Subclients (By Admin Or Client)
- Complete Management Of Clients And Subclients From Admin Panel
- Choose Subclient When Placing New Order
- Assign Existing Products/Services/Domains To Subclient
- Generate Invoices With Subclient's Details
- Subclients Can List And Manage Assigned Products/Services/Domains/Invoices
- Subclients Can Create And Manage Tickets
- Subclients Can Receive Emails Related To Their Assigned Products/Services/Domains/Tickets/Invoices
- Override Registrar Contact Details (When Registering Domain)
- Assign Specific Product Groups To Specific Client Groups
- Edit Email Templates By Resellers For Their Subclients
- Add Subclient During Order Creation In Reseller's Area
- First Level Of Support For Subclients
- View Information About Subclients Assigned To The Product In The Resellers Client Area
- View Resellers List
- View Resellers Sales
- Information Highlighted In Green Or Red About Integration Codes Status
- VIES And EU VAT For Subclients Will Remove The Tax (EU Companies Only)

Payouts are made in PayPal, check or even credits to your hosting account with us.
Signing up is free and easy!  Check out our feature packed plans and services.

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Communication with our partners should be held primarily in English, by email and phone.

 Our Websites

Web   : www.infomarine.gr
Web   : www.infomarine.net
Web   : www.shipyards.gr
Web   : www.marinesoft.gr
Web   : www.marineterms.com
Web   : www.flashmail.gr
Web   : www.bestdomains.gr
Web   : www.bestdesign.gr
Web      : www.winsms.gr

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 Monday, February 2, 2015

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